For those travelling by car from an airport, we presume you’ll look up directions on your favorite map software; generally, we recommend Interstate 95 (from both North and South directions), using Route 1 and local roads only for the last few miles.  As for parking, Nassau Inn has a parking garage; price for overnight parking is $20, and parking during the reception only are $5.

As for public transportation, Princeton is moderately transit friendly.  Amtrak and New Jersey Transit serve Princeton Junction, and there is a small train (the “dinky”) that goes between Princeton Junction and Princeton itself.  From the Princeton station, it’s either a pleasant 1 mile walk north through Princeton’s campus, or a bus ride on bus 605 into town.

We were disappointed to learn that Amtrak seems to have reduced service to Princeton at some point in the last years, and now only a couple Amtrak trains stop there each day.  One can still transfer from Amtrak to NJTransit at multiple stops, most notably New York, Newark, and Trenton.

Should you need any help coordinating travel to Princeton from local airports, please let us know and we’ll get you in contact with other guests.